G80-3000N TKL

G80-3000N TKL
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For industrial use
Mechanical MX
Teclado mecánico con cable y sin bloque numérico
Carcasa compacta para ahorrar espacio en el escritorio
Tecnología CHERRY MX: interruptores de precisión Gold Crosspoint para todas las teclas “Made in Germany”
Iluminación RGB con combinaciones cromáticas en más de 16 millones de colores
Full-N-Key-Rollover para que no se pierda ni una sola pulsación
Anti-Ghosting para evitar de forma fiable que se emitan comandos de teclas no accionadas
Bloqueo Win Key
Inscripción duradera de las teclas
VL_Lieferumfang_bedienungsanleitung, VL_Lieferumfang_tastatur
Como el original, pero más pequeño: el CHERRY G80-3000N TKL es un teclado clásico con cable y con un diseño de teclas reducido para ahorrar espacio en el escritorio. Un clásico moderno que cumple con todos los requisitos actuales, también como versión Tenkeyless.

Detalles técnicos

Product Details
SKU G80-3000N TKL
Sistema operativo Windows 10 or higher, Windows 7
Producto ancho sin embalaje 135 mm
Garantía VL_Garantie_2years_wa
Altura del producto sin embalaje 36 mm
Longitud del cable 1800 cm
Temperatura de almacenamiento Máx. 60 °C
Temperatura de almacenamiento Mín. -20 °C
Longitud del producto sin embalaje 360 mm
Alcance de la entrega VL_Lieferumfang_bedienungsanleitung, VL_Lieferumfang_tastatur
Soporte de software CHERRY Utility Software & Assistant, CHERRY KEYS
Requisitos del sistema-Hardware VL_Systemvoraussetzungen_Hardware_usba
Fiabilidad NA
Anti-ghosting VL_KS_yesno_yes
Response Time 1 ms
Pies VL_MountingFeet_yes
Placa metálica incorporada no
Reposo de la palma de la mano VL_Palmrestavailability_notavailable
Memoria interna no
Vida útil por tecla (pulsaciones en millones) VL_LifetimeperKey_100mio
Max. Consumo de corriente (mA) Teclado 500 mA
Rollover N-Key Full-Key-Rollover
Teclas especiales Funciones VL_FunctionadditionalkeyFN
LEDs de estado en las llaves
Formato del teclado VL_KeyboardFormat_tkl80
Material de la tapa de la llave VL_Keycapmaterial_abs
Tastenknopf Beschriftung VL_Keycapinscription_laseretchingUV
Tecnología clave VL_Tastentechnologie_mechanical
Codificación de claves no
Hub USB VL_KS_yesno_no

The original updated: Classic keys, but with state-of-the-art electronics and in a space-saving housing.

The CHERRY G80-3000N RGB TKL is a modern, wired keyboard without a number pad for more desk space. As connoisseurs know, the first version of the G80-3000 appeared back in the 1980s and is still produced today. The new, small keyboard builds on this legend: with the classic, ergonomic keycaps and original typing feel, why change what is already perfect? Completely new features, on the other hand, are the contemporary and slimmer housing, the illumination with over 16 million colours and the state-of-the-art electronics.

G80-3000N RGB TKL compact keyboard

Classic design – reduced to the essentials

The most striking difference from the original is the slim, contemporary and space-saving housing of this Ten-Key-Less keyboard. The elimination of the numeric keypad brings several advantages. By moving your mouse closer to the keyboard, you adopt a more ergonomic posture which is easier on your shoulders and neck. Plus, the compact keyboard is easy to transport and saves space on any table. Keyboard lovers, however, will immediately recognise a kinship to the original variant: the lines and design language are a nod to the keyboard of the 80s. You won’t find any superfluous bells and whistles in this reinterpretation either. So you stay focused on the essentials – whether you are working or gaming.

mechanical gaming keyboard tkl

Legend with the latest electronics

High-speed electronics and impressive RGB lighting catapult the descendant of the classic into the 21st century. Over 16 million colours offer countless lighting options. There are no limits to your imagination: from animated, multi-coloured effects to discreet, single-colour lighting or customisable single-key illumination. Numerous lighting functions and colours can be selected directly from the keyboard – without the use of additional software. But if you want more, CHERRY UTILITY is a powerful software for further customisation. Other practical features of the mechanical keyboard: anti-ghosting, Full-N-Key rollover and WIN key lock.

CHERRY MX Gold Crosspoint precision switches (made in Germany)

The famous CHERRY MX switches are the heart of this compact keyboard. With a lifespan of at least 50 million actuations per key, you don’t have to worry about the premature demise of your keyboard. Durability is guaranteed – as is the case with the abrasion-resistant, laser-coated key buttons. The high manufacturing accuracy ensures absolute precision and an inimitable typing feel. The selected CHERRY MX SILENT RED switches used are quiet enough to use this mini keyboard in the office without any problems.

A true multi-talent

It’s not just gamers who get their money’s worth with this mechanical keyboard without numpad. Whether you’re a frequent typist, programmer, creator, in the office or in the industrial sector – the G80-3000N RGB TKL is the keyboard for everything and everyone! The especially small keyboard without NUM block is durable, switch-safe and reliable due to the extensively proven MX switches. If you are looking for a no-frills, compact all-rounder with impeccable quality, then the G80-3000N RGB TKL is the keyboard for you. In other words, the original, only more compact.

tkl gaming desk

Your desk could look like this




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