AK-PMH3 Medical Mouse 3-Button Scroll

AK-PMH3 Medical Mouse 3-Button Scroll
Medical Mouse with 3-button scroll for glossy surfaces
Número de artículo: AK-PMH3 Medical Mouse 3-Button Scroll
Available from February 2024
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Symmetrical left and right-handed mouse for applications in which hygiene is of the utmost importance
Modern, elegant design that meets the highest ergonomic requirements
Flat, gap-free design, optimally suited for wipe-down disinfection
Fully sealed silicone membrane with IP68 rating
Blue light sensor embedded in the bottom panel enables precise cursor control on glossy surfaces
"Wake-up-by-motion" function
VL_Lieferumfang_bedienungsanleitung, VL_Lieferumfang_maus
The ergonomic AK-PMH3 Medical Mouse is ideal for hygiene-critical environments such as hospitals, medical practices, and microbiological laboratories. Its fully-sealed, gap-free surface facilitates optimal wipe disinfection and protects against dirt and liquids. Being 100% waterproof, the AK-PMH3 can be sprayed, wiped or even fully immersed in water and/or disinfectant. The unique design and the sophisticated technical features make the AK-PMH3 an indispensable tool for both right and left-handed users in demanding environments.

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Detalles técnicos

Sistema operativo VL_Betriebssytem_All_system_USB_mouse
Producto ancho sin embalaje 65 mm
Peso producto principal 130 g
Altura del producto sin embalaje 33 mm
Longitud del cable 180 cm
Temperatura de almacenamiento Máx. 60 °C
Temperatura de almacenamiento Mín. -20 °C
Longitud del producto sin embalaje 117 mm
Alcance de la entrega VL_Lieferumfang_bedienungsanleitung, VL_Lieferumfang_maus
Clase de protección IP 68
Número de botones 5
Max. Resolución (dpi) 1.000 dpi
CHERRY AK-PMH3 Medical Mouse 3-Button Scroll

Medical Mouse with 3-button scroll for glossy surfaces

The AK-PMH3 3-Button Scroll medical mouse has a resistant, sealed silicone casing, making it waterproof with an IP68 classification. Water cannot penetrate the housing and contaminated cleaning liquids cannot run out again. Thorough and efficient cleaning with hospital approved disinfectants is therefore possible without any problems.

Ergonomic design

When developing the AK-PMH3 3-Button Scroll, we collaborated with renowned product design experts to create a hygienic mouse that meets the highest standards of workplace ergonomics. The flat, slim design reduces the strain on the wrist so that data can be entered comfortably even over longer periods of time. The concave shape of the scroll buttons allows intuitive operation, just as you would expect from using an office PC mouse.


Latest technology

Due to their specific cleaning capabilities, many shiny surfaces can be found in the medical sector. The innovative blue light sensor of the AK-PMH3 3-Button Scroll achieves what many conventional PC and hygiene mice give up on: it enables precise and smooth control of the cursor, making data entry child's play. Smooth-running buttons and the practical wake-up-by-motion function make the hygiene mouse an indispensable tool for all hygiene-critical applications.