Theobroma Systems

About Us

Theobroma Systems is a designer and producer of intelligent devices incorporating embedded systems for IoE, Industry 4.0, and other bleeding-edge applications.

Based in Vienna, we provide cutting-edge System-on-Modules, Communication Modules, Wi-Fi modules, DevKit and Single Board Computers. Our portfolio of products is backed by an expert range of hardware and software engineering services, including in-house manufacturing and end-of-line testing. We offer thus our customers the carefree option to build their dream products based on our existing validated modules.

With exceptional expertise and nimble knowledge of the ever-evolving tech space, the company has expanded to meet growing market needs and risen to become one of Austria’s most awarded innovators.

Our innovations over the years have broadened our clientele base. We provide expertise and services globally and are a trusted partner to leading semiconductor vendors and global distributors.

Business Model

From concept to mass production, providing solutions in today’s saturated tech markets can incur additional costs and increase the complexity, unpredictability, and Time-to-Market if project phases are handled by multiple suppliers.

Your ideal solution is the All-Inclusive package handling every aspect of your project.

Theobroma Systems is your one-stop-shop for Turnkey and Pure-play engineering services. Our objective is to help you go to market faster and with less risk while having full control over your project timeline, cost, and end results with expert support.

Skill & Expertise

Theobroma Systems’ Solutions combines rich experience as an embedded designer, solid knowledge of the market, and skilful engineering services to provide cutting-edge solutions for every demand in the industry.

We focus on developing networked embedded systems, information security systems, and trusted IT systems.

Our expertise covers custom hardware development, embedded security, compiler and performance engineering, development and support of board support packages (BSP) for Linux, Android, and FreeRTOS.


  • Carefree turnkey service: we take over entire projects — from idea to packaging & delivery — helping you free up critical resources to focus on advancing your industry leadership.
  • Custom design service: Suitable for clients who need support for the R&D phase of a project, software services, or a ready-built product to integrate into their devices.
  • Standard modules supporting industrial applications: Plug & Play solutions. Explore our cutting-edge SoMs and other Modules here