CHERRY KW X ULP: Ultra slim and mechanical – the best of both worlds

05/2023 - Back to overview

CHERRY introduces the KW X ULP. This brand-new keyboard combines all the advantages of a mechanical keyboard with the aesthetics of modern slimline devices.

Auerbach i.d.Opf. (GER), May 9, 2023 – CHERRY, the specialist for computer input devices and market leader in the field of mechanical key switches, introduces the KW X ULP. This brand-new keyboard combines all the advantages of a mechanical keyboard with the aesthetics of modern slimline devices. As a premium product it features CHERRY MX Ultra Low Profile switches, modern connectivity, a rechargeable battery and a timelessly elegant design. This combination truly makes the keyboard the first of its kind.


ULTRA Low Profile
At the heart of the remarkably slim KW X ULP are CHERRY MX Ultra Low Profile switches. This specially developed switch type has a height of just 3.5 millimetres, which is 70 percent less than standard MX switches, and thus facilitates keyboards that offer the full mechanical typing feel despite their ultra-slim form factor. Additionally, the discreet cupping of the polycarbonate keycaps offers optimal grip.

ULTRA Stylish
The keyboard sports a timelessly elegant case with a noble black finish, an anodized and milled aluminum plate on top and edges in silver. Paired with the stylish monochrome backlight, the KW X ULP becomes an eye-catcher on any desk. At the same time, it delivers the precision and durability previously reserved for much thicker mechanical keyboards.

ULTRA Versatile
All of this is made possible by the CHERRY MX Ultra Low Profile switches, which are developed and manufactured in Germany. They offer a typing feel that’s as precise as it is comfortable. Perfect anti-ghosting and full-N key rollover ensure that every press is registered – even when things get very busy. Thus, the keyboard is just as much fun to use for writing or programming as it is for an evening of gaming.

This versatility is mirrored in the flexible connectivity options with a total of four channels. Wireless devices like smartphones or tablets can be connected via two (easily switchable) Bluetooth® 5.2 channels. The included USB-A/USB-C cable can be used to connect devices like desktop PCs or gaming consoles via USB, and it charges the battery.

The fourth channel relies on USB as well but works wirelessly. Simply connect the included USB dongle to the device to establish a 2.4 GHz radio connection (with AES 128 encryption). When the dongle is not needed, it can be stowed in the keyboard housing, where it is magnetically secured.

ULTRA Satisfying
Users can easily switch between the different connection modes by pressing F1-F4 – colour LEDs indicate which device is currently active. The same goes for all LOCK keys, the Windows key and the FN key, which also indicate their status with integrated LEDs. The keyboard's backlight can be adjusted in ten levels or turned off completely, while the RGB LED in the CHERRY key indicates the battery status during charging. The Windows keys can be disabled at the push of a button, for example for gaming sessions.

ULTRA Lasting
Durability and resilience are the hallmarks of the KW X ULP. The abrasion proof keycaps hold up even under years of continuous use. The high-quality CHERRY MX Ultra Low Profile switches also guarantee a very high durability with up to 50 million actuations per key. Thus, the KW X ULP is a robust and noble tool for everyday use, which works wirelessly as well thanks to its powerful battery: Depending on the mode of operation and the selected illumination, users can work for several weeks without an additional charge. Thanks to three slip-resistant feet, the keyboard stands firmly and is comfortable and ergonomic due to its flat format.

The MX Ultra Low Profile switch already received the German Innovation Gold Award ’22 for pioneering excellence. The ultra slim switch won the category “Excellence in Business to Business” and beat competitors from the “Office Solutions” sector. The jury based the award on the outstanding typing sensation and fantastic technical development with which the MX Ultra Low Profile switch sets a new standard in the keyboard sector. This technical innovation is quite literally excellent, as the CHERRY KW X ULP was also awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2023.

Price and availability
The CHERRY KW X ULP is available at Amazon in week 20. The recommended retail price including VAT £ 219.99. The scope of delivery includes the keyboard, a USB-A to USB-C cable, and an extra small USB dongle for wireless operation. The packaging comes without any plastic – CHERRY relies on paper instead.