The new CHERRY KW 3000 in full-size design: quiet, durable, easy to use.

09/2023 - Back to overview

Proven quality at a good price/performance ratio: CHERRY launches the KW 3000, a new keyboard that combines exactly that.

Auerbach i.d.OPf., 26 September 2023 - Proven quality at a good price/performance ratio: CHERRY, specialist for computer input devices and market leader in the field of mechanical key switches, launches the KW 3000, a new keyboard that combines exactly that. The wireless full-size keyboard with low-noise keys impresses with a high level of user-friendliness, durability and easy installation. Useful extras such as hotkeys and fold-out feet, as well as GS approval, make the keyboard a reliable partner for home and office. 


Quiet: flat and wireless full-size layout with plug & play 

The CHERRY KW 3000 comes in a practical and proven full-size layout, which includes both cursor keys and number pad. Installation is quick and easy via Plug & Play: The included nano USB receiver is plugged into the USB port of the respective device. The connection between the keyboard and the nano USB receiver is established via wireless 2.4 GHz technology - for interference-free operation with a range of up to ten metres. The keyboard's flat design is visually appealing and equipped with low-noise keys so that typing can be done quickly and precisely without annoying noise, even in open-plan offices, coworking spaces and small areas. 


Durable: impressive lifespan and secure feet 

Users who attach particular importance to the longevity of their peripherals will find a reliable and durable solution in the CHERRY KW 3000. The keys offer the best possible CHERRY quality even under continuous usage: with a total lifespan of up to ten million keystrokes and abrasion-resistant lettering. The CHERRY KW 3000 is also GS approved, a guarantee of quality and safety. The non-slip underside of the keyboard ensures a secure grip on any desk. Fold-out feet for height adjustment allow the keyboard to be positioned ergonomically. 


Just user-friendly: battery status display, hotkeys and individual key assignment 

User-friendliness is an important element of the new CHERRY KW 3000: in addition to the F1 to F12 keys, the keyboard has four practical hotkeys that provide quick access to the calculator, e-mail, browser and sleep mode. Users who want to customise their key assignment even more, can do so with the free CHERRY KEYS software. Quickly downloaded, it enables a range of new assignments for work and leisure. A convenient battery status display directly above the additional keys informs users about the remaining battery-power in the keyboard. 


Price & Availability 

The CHERRY KW 3000 is now available in black at various online retailers. The recommended retail price including VAT is £24.99. Included in the box is a user manual, an AA battery and the receiver for the keyboard. The packaging of the keyboard is completely plastic-free, thanks to sustainable paper materials.