MW 4500

MW 4500
Ratón inalámbrico ergonómico con diseño en 45° para no sobrecargar la muñeca
Número de artículo: MW 4500
Fuera de existencias
Sólo queda %1
producto ergonómico
Garantía extendida*
Embalaje sin plástico
USB 2.0
Inalámbrico 2,4 GHz
Forma especialmente ergonómica con diseño en 45°
Sensor preciso con una resolución regulable en 3 niveles
Indicación de batería baja mediante el LED de estado
6 teclas y rueda de desplazamiento
Tacto agradable gracias al acabado resistente a la abrasión de su superficie
Nano receptor especialmente pequeño
2 x AAA battery, Nano-USB-Receiver, Manual, Mouse
Gracias a su forma con una inclinación de aprox. 45°, su mano no descansa completamente plana sobre el CHERRY MW 4500. Ello provoca una postura de la mano más natural que le permitirá trabajar sin cansarse y sin molestias en la muñeca ni en los tendones. La resolución puede ajustarse en 3 niveles hasta 1200 dpi mediante una tecla, lo que permite navegar con precisión y adaptarlo perfectamente a sus preferencias. Con las dos teclas adicionales para el pulgar puede avanzar y retroceder por su navegador de Internet. Su nano receptor extremadamente pequeño puede permanecer en el portátil o colocarse en la base del ratón. ¡Un todoterreno para la oficina o para casa!

Detalles técnicos

Sistema operativo Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 7, Windows 8
Warranty VL_Garantie_1additionalyear
Max. storage temperature 60 °C
Min. storage temperature -15 °C
Scope of delivery 2 x AAA battery, Nano-USB-Receiver, Manual, Mouse
Software support CHERRY KEYS
Requisitos del sistema-Hardware USB-A
Battery rechargeable no
Number of batteries 2
Battery type VL_BatteryType_alkali
Battery replaceable
Diseño de la batería AAA
Battery charging socket no
Master data
Width of product without packaging 72 mm
Height of product without packaging 66 mm
Length of product without packaging 119 mm
Mouse Glides
Number of keys 6
Illumination no
Thumb buttons
dpi switch
dpi levels 3
Max. resolution (dpi) 1.200 dpi
Switch type clicky
Wireless range (m) 10 m
Conexión por radio de 2,4 Ghz
Connection via Bluetooth no
Encryption in Bluetooth mode no
Encryption in wireless mode no
MW 4500

Ergonomic wireless mouse to prevent wrist strain in a 45° design

It feels different from any other computer mouse. But only briefly. Because when you use it, you quickly notice that a vertical mouse is different, but above all comfortable, somehow more relaxed. The angle is a bit steeper than with a normal mouse, which means your wrist is at a 45 degree angle.

ergonomic wireless mouse

More ergonomical, less fatigue.

The angled shape of the mouse much better corresponds to the natural, relaxed position of the wrist. It feels strange at first, but it’s actually a more natural hand posture and thus reduces the risk of wrist problems – and it doesn’t matter if you’re right-handed or left-handed, because the CHERRY MW 4500 is also available as the CHERRY MW 4500 LEFT. It’s the same for prolonged working in the office as it is when you spend several hours on your computer at home. And thanks to the latest wireless technology, you don't have any annoying tangled cables.

left hand mouse

Right-handed? Left-handed? We’ve got the ideal solution for both.

The CHERRY MW 4500 and CHERRY MW 4500 LEFT are totally relaxing to work with. There’s less strain on your tendons – no matter whether you’re right-handed or left-handed. Two additional thumb buttons let you move back and forth in your web browser, and with the aid of the CHERRY KEYS software you can individually assign copy and paste functions. It will change the way you work.

I can do that left-handed.

Left-handed people are a minority. In the UK & the US, the figure is believed to be only about 12-13% of the population. This means they are often forgotten about when products are developed. And this despite the fact that there have been so many prominent left-handers – Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, for example. The MW 4500 LEFT shows CHERRY’s commitment to equality, offering left-handed people a high-quality brand mouse. And one feature is particularly special. It doesn’t prescribe to left-handers that their left click must be on the left as it is for everyone else, or must be on the right because everything else is reversed. You can simply reconfigure it yourself.

ergonomic mouse for left handers

An all-rounder in the office or at home.

The CHERRY MW 4500 mouse is not just good for your posture. It also feels nice, is comfortable to hold and is fun to use, whether in the office or at home. To adjust the speed, the resolution can be set with a button in 3 levels up to 1200 dpi. The extra-small nanoreceiver can be easily kept in the laptop or in the bottom of the mouse.

CHERRY MW 4500 - reasons why it’s the right choice:

  • Particularly ergonomic shape in 45° design
  • Precise sensor with 3 selectable resolutions
  • Status LED indicates low battery
  • 6 buttons and scroll wheel
  • Pleasant feeling in the hand due to abrasion-resistant surface finish
  • Extra-small nanoreceiver