EL TECLADO – ¡El mejor STREAMING de todos los tiempos!
Número de artículo: STREAM KEYBOARD
Disponible, Entrega: 1-3 Días laborables
Sólo queda %1
36,99 €
IVA incluido más gastos de envío
Diseñado en Alemania
Garantía extendida*
Embalaje sin plástico
Mecanismo de tijera CHERRY SX
huelga silenciosa
Producto sostenible
Trabajo más productivo: Pulsación silenciosa, sensación de escritura inmejorable
Máxima calidad: Rotulación de las teclas duradera, mecanismo de tijera SX propio de la empresa, etiqueta ecológica “Blauer Engel”
Máximo confort de manejo: 3 indicaciones de estado integradas, perfecta resistencia al deslizamiento, 10 teclas de Office y multimedia
Diseño moderno: Altura constructiva plana, centrado en lo esencial, homologación GS
VL_Lieferumfang_bedienungsanleitung, VL_Lieferumfang_tastatur
El teclado CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD responde a los requisitos más exigentes y proporciona una sensación incomparable al pulsar las teclas. Su combinación de diseño, elegancia y purismo le convertirá posiblemente en el teclado favorito tanto en la oficina como en casa.

Detalles técnicos

Sistema operativo Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 7, Windows 8
Producto ancho sin embalaje 163 mm
Garantía VL_Garantie_1additionalyear
Peso producto principal 910 g
Altura del producto sin embalaje 18 mm
Longitud del cable 180 cm
Temperatura de almacenamiento Máx. 60 °C
Temperatura de almacenamiento Mín. -20 °C
Longitud del producto sin embalaje 463 mm
Alcance de la entrega VL_Lieferumfang_bedienungsanleitung, VL_Lieferumfang_tastatur
Soporte de software CHERRY KEYS
Requisitos del sistema-Hardware VL_Systemvoraussetzungen_Hardware_usba
Iluminación no
Anti-ghosting not specified
Pies VL_MountingFeet_integrated
Fuerza de accionamiento (cN) 65 cN
Placa metálica incorporada
Reposo de la palma de la mano VL_Palmrestavailability_notavailable
Memoria interna no
Volumen (dB) Teclado 49 db
Vida útil por tecla (pulsaciones en millones) VL_LifetimeperKey_20mio
Max. Consumo de corriente (mA) Teclado 20 mA
Rollover N-Key no especificado
Características del interruptor standard
Teclas especiales Funciones VL_FunctionadditionalkeyBrowser, VL_FunctionadditionalkeyCalculator, VL_FunctionadditionalkeyLasttrack, VL_FunctionadditionalkeyNexttrack, VL_FunctionadditionalkeyPClock, VL_FunctionadditionalkeyPlayPause, VL_FunctionadditionalkeyUnmuteMute, VL_FunctionadditionalkeyVolume up, VL_FunctionadditionalkeyVolumedown, VL_FunctionadditionalkeyeMailprogram
LEDs de estado en las llaves
Formato del teclado VL_KeyboardFormat_fullsize100
Recorrido de la llave (mm) Recorrido total 2,8 mm
Material de la tapa de la llave VL_Keycapmaterial_abs
Tecnología clave VL_Tastentechnologie_scissor
Codificación de claves no
Hub USB no
Dongle USB no
Conexión por radio de 2,4 Ghz no
Conexión Bluetooth no

THE KEYBOARD – the best STREAM of all time!

Why settle for just any old keyboard? The CHERRY STREAM is the ultimate keyboard and always the right choice. It has been refined over the years to absolute perfection through several product generations. Cleverly designed right down to the finest detail, this genuine all-rounder is one of the world’s best-selling keyboards. Is it because of its special typing feel, its reliability or its long-lasting precision? Whatever it is, every day all over the world start-ups type their business plans, banks their balance sheets, authors their books and engineers their project plans on the CHERRY STREAM. And what are you using?

The CHERRY STREAM is the ideal keyboard for every assignment.

It’s robust, reliable and durable. That's because there’s quality in every detail: from above, from below and inside. Because – uniquely in its price category – the CHERRY STREAM uses scissor switches for the keys. This is a keyboard technology which is also used in high-end laptops, and produces a very special typing feel.

office keyboard
silent office keyboard
silent keys
SX Scissor mechanics

The CHERRY SX scissor mechanism

No delays on the screen, fluent typing without stopping, control over the input at all times and thus fewer typos. The unique SX scissor technology from CHERRY makes this possible. You tap on flatter keys, giving you a more precise stroke as well as less wear and tear. Minute by minute, day by day, year on year.

best office keyboard
best silent office keyboard

Shh, it is so quiet ....

When you’re typing on the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD, you won’t disturb yourself or anyone around you. That’s because the CHERRY STREAM is so quiet that your colleagues can concentrate on their own work. Even if you fire off an e-mail with a bang. This makes it an indispensable companion in many offices, especially open-plan ones. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never want to use any other keyboard.

...and it’s so pleasant and effortless to type on.

Your fingers lie comfortably on the keys. Typing is precise and comfortable. Nothing jams, your fingers don't slip, each key gives a clear response and they all feel the same. It's a great way to work. The keys are exactly the right size, not too big, not too small – and they don’t wobble from side to side. That’s what we call a well-defined pressure point. And best of all, there’s even more that our keys can do. With the 10 handy extra keys you can control your music and open the browser or calculator function.

additional keys keyboard
silent keyboard
stream keyboard corded
best corded office keyboard

Simple, elegant – and with quality inside.

The technology is not the only thing in the CHERRY STREAM that meets very high standards. The ultimate keyboard is also way ahead when it comes to environmental friendliness. Compliance with quality and environmental targets and directives is rightly becoming more and more important. Protecting our environment is also part of our corporate philosophy at CHERRY. We’re proud that the CHERRY STREAM has been awarded the Blauer Engel environmental certification. The GS safety mark also certifies that the product complies with all relevant European directives and regulations associated with the protection of health.

status led stream keyboard

The CHERRY STREAM is always the right choice for typing.

Why IS THE KEYBOARD ONLY WRITING CAPITAL LETTERS AGAIN? Because the Caps Lock key has been pressed! You can see that instantly on the new CHERRY STREAM thanks to the three integrated status displays for Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock. The three LEDs light up to indicate the status so that you can concentrate on what you’re typing.

CHERRY STREAM, the ultimate keyboard – 10 reasons why it’s the right choice:

  • Unique typing feel in its price category with CHERRY SX scissor mechanism as used in laptop keyboards
  • Uncompromising key touch precision, even for fast and prolonged typing
  • Cable connection makes it more environmentally friendly and maintenance-free
  • Durable and reliable thanks to high manufacturing quality and scissor technology with less wear and tear
  • Excellent workmanship with the material and keys providing an excellent feel
  • Can be used in many places: offices, open-plan offices, medical practices, at home, suitable for professional and private use
  • Available in black and white – combination of design, purism and elegance
  • Non-slip even on smooth surfaces
  • Durable key labelling
  • Practical and programmable extra keys can be customised as required
stream keyboard desk

Your desk could look like this